2016 bra trends

TOP types of trendy bras you will definitely fall in love with!

It’s not a secret that we normally buy something we used to think suits our body shape the most. Psychologists claim, that it’s quite a rare thing when we dare to make changes in our style, especially when it comes to lingerie. If, let’s say, a woman knows her cleavage looks the best with a push-up bra, the latter is likely to make an 80% of her lingerie wardrobe.

We bet you also have your preferred style of bra, nevertheless, we offer to try these trendy types of bras, which you have probably never considered wearing. It’s time to take a look at bras from another angle, going away from taking it as a functional garment solely.


Being the hottest lingerie trend of 2016, bralettes became true rock stars at the lingerie culture. Sexy and feminine, bralettes come in different styles, models, and colors, usually made of all kinds of lace and stretchy cotton. Those are beautiful decorative pieces with minimal support to breasts and purposed to please the eye rather than do the bra’s work. Hence, bralettes are recommended for small to average breasts size.

Countless models of bralettes make it difficult to choose, as buying one does a “chocolate” trick to you: it becomes addictive. Many prefer bralettes as a day-off bra, wearing it along with jeans, high-waist shorts or a skirt. Open sheer tops, worn atop of a bralette are the headliners of all fashion magazines and it seems that bralette madness will go through the next year as well. Indeed, you won’t find the more sensual and tempting piece than a bralette, which is perfect for wearing for an open air party or for a night out in a dance club.

U-plunge bras

These bras are designed purposely for a low cleavage and open tops. Having angled cups, plunge bras allow your dresses with plunged neckline look fabulous without showing a hint of a bra beneath it. U-plunge bras may look like not a big deal and not a big difference comparing to your usual bras, but that V-cut brings some essential visible benefits.

Due to the cups angle, your cleavage will look fuller and higher without letting other know your breasts are being supported by the bra. By adding (inserting) push-up pads into the cups you’ll make an absolutely killer looking cleavage. Here you can choose your best style of the plunge bra to make yourself ready for a red carpet!


Whether you love fitness or you don’t feel like a sport is something you can’t live without, the racerback bra is the new hit in a lingerie industry. It’s just a stereotype that racerback is only purposed for wearing under the sports outfit – it’s absolutely not! A racerback bra is something you need to have in your wardrobe for T-shirts and dresses with the X-shaped back side.

Summer maxi dresses and club outfits usually have an X-cut back side, not allowing you to wear bras with straps. This is where your stretchy lace or microfiber made racerback bra will come in handy. No signs of bra and a great support for your feminine parts.

If you are a sports loving girl – racerback bras are your must have. Racerback suits perfectly for wearing under the fitness outfit, giving excellent support and limiting movements of your breasts during exercises. Take a look at these hottest pieces:

Corsets and bustiers

It’s time to turn into a forever princess! Corset bras conquered all lingerie bloggers this year, which encouraged lingerie designers for creating absolutely gorgeous undergarments. We insist – you should try on one of these:

Elegantly provocative, cupless corsets and bustiers are calling for your deep feminine nature to be exposed and adored. Classic white, delicate nude and a hot black are still the best colors for unlined corsets and for padded bustiers. Once it is worn, it makes amazing transformations to the overall look of the body and, as a result, to your own self-perception.