The most popular bras of all times!

This is not about regular bras but about most iconic, most remembered bras which literally made a history in terms of fashion.

You could have seen these bras on stage, in music video clips, in movies scenes and there is a one thing which unites them all: all those bras were worn by true stars.

So, what are those iconic bras the history will never forget?

1. Without a doubt, the first bra that comes to mind is a Madonna’s Cone Bra she was wearing on stage during her tour “Blonde Ambition”.

This bra inspired many designers and artists to make a countless number of different versions of Material Girl’s brassiere, so this Cone Bra has deserved the Title of the most popular bra ever.

Madonna's "Blonde Ambition" Concert Tour - May 11, 1990

2. Remember that huge AD poster from 1996 with the legendary Claudia Schiffer wearing a Million Dollar Miracle Bra by Victoria’s Secret? This crazily expensive luxury bra is one of the most memorable amongst all fancy bras the brand VS ever made. People literally worshiped that Claudia’s images with Million Dollar Bra and no other VS’s creation could beat the popularity of that diamond piece.

Claudia Schiffer wearing a Million Dollar Miracle Bra

Still, some of the beautiful bras are true lingerie masterpieces, even without being featured with jewels!

3. Famous Mata Hari’s Bejeweled Bra which has become a symbol of her epoch. Mata Hari, being an exotic dancer and, as believed, a spy could make men go crazy when watching her erotic dances. Her metallic bra featured with jewels is definitely a one to remember.

Mata Hari’s Bejeweled Bra

4. We bet you saw the “Erin Brockovich” movie with Julia Roberts. In a scene where Julia sits at the desk with her stunningly looking cleavage, the actress wears the very first Bra by Miracle Solutions.

Bra by Miracle Solution

The brand instantly exploded with popularity amongst women all over the world. Turns out Julia Roberts wore a push-up bra with the fixed gel inside the padding. That enhanced her breasts to maximum and made this bra model desired by thousands.

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5. The Lace Bra from the “Graduate” movie is truly timeless. That classic model of the bra became immeasurably popular after the movie was released.

Lace Bra from the Graduate

Actress Anne Bancroft couldn’t make it sexier than wearing that lace lined bra which became an embodiment of elegant seduction.

6. According to the remarkable Whipped Cream Bra which Katy Perry wore in her 2010 music video “California Gurls” has become iconic as well. We doubt that bra could inspire or become a timeless one, but an incredible popularity and recognizability of that bra is undeniable.

Katy Perry California Gurls

7. Iconic Telephone inspired Bra worn by “Miss Pinup” of 1940 Bettie Page. That picture was seen by the whole America and it will definitely take its honorable place in the fashion history forever.

Telephone inspired Bra