cage bra

Cage bra style: a killing look!


It’s too boring to talk about the bra as just about the functional undergarment. Lingerie today and always was a tool for magnetizing eyes and firing up fantasies.
Cage bra gives the body a dramatic and somewhat mystic image with a guarantee of looking inimitable in his eyes.

Cage bra is a strappy brassiere, made of any type of fabrics: lace, leather, microfiber, etc. Lake a bralette, a cage bra could be worn both as an underwear and outwear, paired with shorts or skinnies.

cage bra

With or without boning, cage bras are announced the hottest lingerie trend of the year along with bralettes. The variety of cage bras is literally endless like a fantasy of designers. There are tons of DIY tutorials on making a cage bra from the regular bras or tops, confirming the total cage bra obsession across the Internet.

There are three main cage bras types:

  • Non-wired cage bra which resembles a bralette featured with strappy construction above or under the
    cups with mesh inserts.
  • Cage bra with boning for more serious support, with the few crossed straps above the cups and on the back of the bra. Brassiere could come with metallic decorations for the more playful look.
  • A cage bra which is purely made of straps crossing the chest area and providing no supportive function. These types of bras are obviously not purposed for wearing under the clothes.

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